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The Rhythms of Jewish Living: A Sephardic Exploration of Judaism's Spirituality

by Marc D. Angel; , Rabbi Marc D. Angel PhD

The Rhythms of Jewish Living: A Sephardic Exploration of Judaism's Spirituality
Publication date: 2015-07-10
Number of pages: 240
ISBN: 9781580238342

Reconnect with the ancient soul of Jewish spiritual life and practice.

"Jewish spirituality is organically linked to the natural rhythms of the universe. To a great extent, Jewish religious traditions serve to bring Jews into a sensitive relationship with the natural world. Many commandments and customs lead in this direction, drawing out the love and reverence that emerge from the contemplation of God's creations."
―from Chapter 1, “The Rhythms of Nature”

Judaism has provided the spiritual framework for millions of people for thousands of years. Yet its basic beliefs and observances often are disconnected from their original intent in our modern day.

With his engaging overview of the sacred times, places and ideas of Judaism, Rabbi Marc D. Angel gently reclaims the natural, balanced and insightful teachings of Sephardic Judaism that can and should imbue modern Jewish spirituality. He draws on many classic sources, illuminating the influence of the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry and the great mystics of sixteenth-century Safed on the Sephardic tradition. The result is an approach to Judaism that is deep, rich and diverse.

Marc D. Angel;, Rabbi Marc D. Angel PhD

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