The Potter's Donkey: And Other Sikh Stories (Stories to Remember)


The Potter's Donkey: And Other Sikh Stories (Stories to Remember)
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ISBN: 9781851754304
"The Stories to Remember" series answers a demand for good quality Big Book format books with simply-written and well illustrated stories from the different faith traditions. Each title in the series contains three stories, chosen to represent different aspects of/key concepts within a main faith tradition as identified by locally agreed syllabuses for RE. 'Big book' format enables teachers to use the stories/text with class groups-the language level is appropriate for pupils aged 5-6 (Key Stage 1). The A5-size pupil's books are accessible for independent readers aged 6-8 (KS1 and lower KS2). The themes raised by the stories also relate to the themes for Key Stage 1 (ages 5-6) in the non-statutory national framework for RE. Teacher's notes printed on the inside covers provide guidance on how the stories could provide a starting point for learning and assessment in RE. "The Potter's Donkey" presents stories from the Sikh tradition which reflect key themes in the Sikh faith: "The Potter's Donkey", "Bhai Lalo, the Guru's True Friend", and "Bhi Ganaya, the Water Carrier". All books are available in Welsh language editions. 160241 Broadbent & Logan, Lynne Broadbent, John Logan

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