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The Painting Table: A Journal of Loss and Joy

by Roger Hutchison

The Painting Table: A Journal of Loss and Joy
Publication date: 2014-01-10
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 9780819229052
• A story of hope, mixing color, food, artwork, and memories

• Guided questions and blank pages for reflection in word or art by the reader

• Offers a model for small group and individual reflection in times of tragedy
(individual, local or national) 

• Featuring 12 full-color illustrations

This is for anyone experiencing significant loss or change; it’s an accessible, simple, and beautiful book for those who may be grieving the death of a loved one, struggling in a relationship, or facing a major transition in their lives. Where there is grief, sadness, and loss, there also is hope. There is an opportunity for celebration as we gather together, break bread, talk, and are welcomed. Whether through cooking, or painting, or Eucharist, we come together to remember past experiences and to consider new ones. For many, life happens around the kitchen table, but in this case, we gather at The Painting Table as the reader is invited to draw pictures, record memories, and celebrate living through the creation of something new.

Roger Hutchison

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