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The Messiah: An Illustrated Biography of Jesus Christ

The Messiah: An Illustrated Biography of Jesus Christ

Few stories have captivated the world’s imagination as much as the biblical account of the life of Jesus Christ. From the Nativity to the Sermon on the Mount, the Last Supper to the Resurrection, artists continually revisit these New Testament tales, exploring their religious, symbolic, and dramatic values. This gorgeous book, replete with images from throughout the history of art, retraces the life of the Nazarene as it has been handed down to us, elaborating the major episodes of his life through excerpts from the Gospels, pictorial representations, and explanations of significant themes and symbols. Through the text and illustrations making up this handsome volume, the story of Christ and the acts that mark his short life take on their full weight; and the reader comes to understand their significance in the context of the ancient world as well as today.This exquisitely produced book and insightful text sheds new light on the life on one of the world’s most influential figures.Jacques Duquesne
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