The Mass: Step by Step (Student book)

by Bernadette Gasslein

The Mass: Step by Step (Student book)
Publication date: 2011-10-15
Number of pages: 32
ISBN: 9782896462964

This full-colour illustrated booklet was created with young people in mind. Helpful sections offer succinct explanations of the parts of the Mass. This resource asks and answers why we do certain things during Mass with accurate responses, gestures, and attitudes. And it tells us how to listen to the scriptures and how to think more deeply about them.

This booklet is built around the structure and meaning of the Eucharist developed for in-class and retreat use. Ideal for young adults and those serving in peer-to-peer youth ministry, and for students 13 to 18 and their teachers.

Bernadette Gasslein has extensive experience in liturgy and catechetics at the local and national levels, and holds an S.T.L. from Institut Catholique de Paris. She is the Editor of the journal Worship.

Printed version available

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