The Making Of Ministry


The Making Of Ministry
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ISBN: 9780716206446
Theological education, the preparation and formation of men and women for ministry, ordained and lay, has changed dramatically in the last thirty years. In this comprehensive and challenging book, a broad range of contributors, all themselves practitioners of theological education, discuss the fundamental question of what it means to be called by God and by the Church. The question faced by the churches is whether or not the theological education provided for ministers to prepare, support and sustain them in their ministry is effective and appropriate for the needs of the twenty-first century church. It asks how contemporary ministerial training can prepare all ministers to be the 'pioneer' ministers of the future. It provides an unparalleled theological rationale and critique of the theological education offered by the church at each of the stages in the 'making of a minister' - whether lay or ordained.The book addresses a pivotal issue straddling the gulf between 'orthodox' and 'emergent' church. It tackles head on the question as to what makes a minister a minister in such circumstances. In so doing, it explores the expectations underpinning the role of a priest or presbyter, deacon or lay worker in the Church today. The contributors address issues such as vocation, the process of formation, issues of sexuality and gender, ministry and management and accountability in today's church. 154225 Angela Shier-Jones, ed.

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