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The Kids' Fun Book of Jewish Time

by Emily Sper

The Kids' Fun Book of Jewish Time
Publication date: 2006-08-01
Number of pages: 24
ISBN: 9781580233118
This vibrant and colorful novelty book offers a unique tool for familiarizing children with the Jewish calendar. Covering all aspects of Jewish time, it introduces young readers ages 3 to 6 to night and day, the seven-day week, Shabbat, the Hebrew months, and special seasons and dates. Young readers will have fun as they learn about Jewish time through interacting with the text. They can slide the sun down, pull the tab to ?light? Shabbat candles, turn a wheel to watch three stars come out, play with reflections in the flame of the Havdalah candle, rotate the phases of the moon to find the new month, match each season with its Hebrew and English name, lift the flaps to learn Hebrew dates, and much, much more. Simple, clearly written text introduces the basics of Jewish time. With this fun and engaging book, children will gain an understanding of the structure underlying Jewish holidays throughout the year. 124302 Emily Sper