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The Keys of the Kingdom (Loyola Classics)

The Keys of the Kingdom (Loyola Classics)


A magnificent story of the great adventure of individual goodness.”
The New York Times Book Review

“Cronin is a first-rate literary craftsman with an honest love of simple humanity.”
Time magazine

“Full of life and people and color.”
Harper’s Magazine
Francis Chisholm is a compassionate and humble priest whose individuality and directness make him unpopular with other clergy. Considered a failure by his superiors, he is sent to China to maintain a mission amid desperate poverty, civil war, plague, and the hostility of his superiors. In the face of this constant danger and hardship, Father Chisholm finds the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Recognized as A. J. Cronin’s best novel, The Keys of the Kingdom is an enthralling, fast-moving, colorful tale of a deeply spiritual man called to do good in an imperfect world.
137111 A.J. Cronin, A. J. Cronin
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