The God(s) of Judaism: A Theological and Historical Journey

by Rabbi Or N. Rose

The God(s) of Judaism: A Theological and Historical Journey
Publication date: 2014-08-30
Number of pages: 250
ISBN: 9781580237826
A groundbreaking look at the many faces of the one God in Judaism from ancient times up to today.

Judaism is widely regarded as the world's first great monotheistic tradition. What is not widely known is that Jewish thinkers throughout the ages have held very different views of God. Is the Divine all-powerful and all-knowing? What about evil? Can human actions impact God?

From the Hebrew Bible to Maimonides to Abraham Joshua Heschel, these questions have been answered in a variety of ways. This original anthology takes the reader on an intellectual and spiritual journey into the heart of the Jewish religious imagination. Each contributor--an expert in a specific area of Jewish thought--focuses on several major theological issues, explaining those concepts in a clear and thought-provoking manner, while also providing the reader with the appropriate historical context. Themes include:

-Hebrew Bible
-Rabbinic Literature
-Medieval Jewish Philosophy
-Twentieth-Century Jewish Thought
-Jewish Theology Today

Intended for individual readers, book groups, students and adult learners in synagogues and other education settings, this singular volume deals with the subject of God both chronologically and thematically.
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