The Faith of Generation Y (Explorations)

by Sylvia Collins-Mayo , Bob Mayo , Bob Mayo, Sally Nash, Christopher Cocksworth

The Faith of Generation Y (Explorations)
Publication date: 2010-06-30
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9780715142066
Generation Y (those born after 1982) growing up in Britain has had less contact with the Church than any previous generation in living memory. So what interest do young people have in Christianity? How do social influences inform their Christian consciousness? Does belief in God make any difference to them? These are pressing questions not just for the Church, but also for anyone interested in religion and spirituality in contemporary Britain. Using both sociological and theological approaches, the authors shed light on these questions by drawing on the views of over 300 young people (11 to 23 year olds) who have participated in Christian youth and community outreach projects around England over the last five years. The book includes a response to the research from the Bishop of Coventry, who considers the implications for the wider Church of this important researchSylvia Collins-Mayo, Bob Mayo, Sally Nash, Christopher Cocksworth

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