The Deans

by Trevor Beeson

The Deans
Publication date: 2004-11-30
Number of pages: 258
ISBN: 9780334029878
The Deans traces the course of the dramatic change in the fortunes of the English cathedrals, over the last 200 years, but does so by engaging with the lives of 30 of the most interesting and significant Deans who were in office during that period. Trevor Beeson provides readers with an interesting and undemanding introduction to two centuries of Church history with these portraits of quite remarkable men including scholars, pastors, preachers, poets, builders, controversialists, eccentrics - all of whom contributed much to the life of the nation as well as to that of the Church. The Deans concludes with a discussion of the present, varied life of the cathedrals, and evaluates the most recent proposals for reform, initiated by the Archbishop's Commission.Trevor Beeson

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