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The Changing Christian World: A Brief Introduction for Jews

by Leonard A. Schoolman , Rabbi Leonard A. Schoolman

The Changing Christian World: A Brief Introduction for Jews
Publication date: 2008-04-01
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9781580233446

An insightful exploration into Christianity today―written especially for Jews.

For many Jews, discerning the differences among various Christian groups is perplexing. As a result, they are stuck with an outdated understanding of Christian beliefs, practices and attitudes, especially with regard to their relationship with Judaism, Jews and Israel.

But Christian views are evolving, particularly since the landmark 1965 Catholic statement known as Nostra Aetate that forever changed the landscape of Jewish-Christian relations. This intriguing, brief introduction focuses on the changing Christian currents within the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant denominations, nondenominational megachurches and the emergent church. It also explores the essential doctrines that undergird most Christian belief, including sin, salvation, Jesus as the Messiah, the Second Coming and Christian Zionism―and compares them to the Jewish understanding of these issues.

Designed to answer Jews’ common questions about Christianity, this enlightening overview is also an excellent interfaith resource that will help all readers understand the changing Christian climate and what its implications are for the future of Judaism and interfaith relations.

151954 Leonard A. Schoolman, Rabbi Leonard A. Schoolman