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The Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2009

The Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2009
Publication date: 2008-04-21
Number of pages: 512
ISBN: 9781853118708
Designed for everyone involved in the life and work of the Church, the bestselling Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2009 is generously designed to provide one page per weekday and a double page spread for Sundays making it ideal for advance planning and day-to-day working. Readings from the Common Worship and BCP are listed for each day and on Sundays, Holy Days and major Saints' days, the Common Worship collects and sentences are printed out in full. Its many extra features include a large information section, useful addresses, a two-year planner, plus ample space for recording personal information. A number of new features have been added this year based on customer feedback and include: an extended page-per-month forward planner for 2010, additional space for notes at the bottom of each page, additional accounts and names/address pages, a new Other Faiths and Denominations page and a new Flags for Churches page. 154205