Thank God for Rocks


Thank God for Rocks
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ISBN: 9780819219022
"Many years ago, a poor man bought a small farm with a small rickety house and a small rickety barn." So begins this wonderful tale of a farmer trying to make a living on the most rock-filled farm in the whole county. But it was the best he could afford. So the farmer thanked God for his farm, poor as it was. That gratitude was the key to developing the most fertile land, the best buildings, the fattest cattle, and a happy, healthy, and large family by the end of the tale.

This story, told beautifully by Esther Bender, and lavishly illustrated by Mary Anne Lard, helps children understand the nature and power of gratitude as a way of living in the worst and best of circumstances.

104622 Bender, E, Esther Bender

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