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Teens and the Future (Being Real)

by Jerry Shepherd

Teens and the Future (Being Real)
Publication date: 2005-04-16
Number of pages: 80
ISBN: 9780884898412
For many teenagers, it's not cool to show interest in organized religion. They often believe that religion is something that's not quite real--at least, not as real as everyday experiences like family, friends, foes, school, parties, love, hate, anger, desire, and frustration. The Being Real series shows how Catholicism recognizes the realities of teenage life and calls teens to a higher ideal.

Teens and the Future includes information about God's plan for the future, from how to be a Catholic in a college atmosphere to the topics of vocations, work, aging, and life after death.

Chapters in Teens and the Future include:
  • The Crucial Truths for Life
  • College Perspectives
  • Vocations to Marriage and Celibacy
  • Work, Aging, and the End
  • The Future Is Yours!Jerry Shepherd
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