Teaching Teens Religion

by Danny Brock

Teaching Teens Religion
Publication date: 2009-04-15
Number of pages: 256
ISBN: 9782896461264

Information and Inspiration for High School Religion Teachers

A practical guide on teaching Religion to teens.

Most new Religion teachers begin by asking, “What do I teach?” But to be  successful, they first need to ask, “How do I teach Religion to teens?”

Today’s teens are living in a time of great insecurity. Many of them have experienced family breakdown, addiction, and abuse. Many feel an inner emptiness. They have been asking religious questions for a while now—the false promises of a relativistic and consumer culture have driven them to it.

In this practical resource, veteran Religion teacher Danny Brock offers guidance, inspiration and more than a few laughs for the high school teacher who may be bewildered, unsure and too often disheartened at the prospect of teaching  teens religion.

Danny Brock has taught high school Religion for over 20 years and directed many youth retreats in Canada and the United States. He has a Master’s in Pastoral Ministry and is currently director of Religious Education at St. Andrew’s Regional Catholic High School in Victoria, British Columbia.

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