Talking With God (Paraclete Essentials)

by Francois Fenelon;

Talking With God (Paraclete Essentials)
Publication date: 2009-03-01
Number of pages: 136
ISBN: 9781557256454
François Fénelon was a seventeenth-century French Catholic archbishop who rose to a position of influence in the court of Louis XIV. He became a wise mentor to members of the king’s court, his writings preserved by the many people whom he counseled. These words have inspired Christians of all backgrounds for centuries with their frank honesty, spiritual wisdom, and unflinching response to truth.
This beautiful, accessible, contemporary English translation, introduces you to the essential Fenelon.
“All who seek fellowship with God amid the rush and racket of modern life will find that Fenelon's searching gentleness is a wonderful pick-me-up for the heart. This selection from his letters is pure gold.” —Dr. J. I. Packer, author of Growing in Christ

“Here is a book of spiritual reading that will guide you into an encounter with God
through heart-felt prayer and meditation, solidly rooted in scripture and the
Catholic tradition. It represents the best of the ancient future evangelical and
ecumenical spiritual literature, with insights that have the power to transform our lives.”
—Dr. Robert Webber, author of Ancient-Future Worship

198290 Francois Fenelon;, Francois Fenelon
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