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Taking the Plunge: Baptism and Parenting

by Anne E. Kitch

Taking the Plunge: Baptism and Parenting
Publication date: 2006-12-01
Number of pages: 122
ISBN: 9780819221858
You’ve chosen the godparents, dressed the baby in yards of white,
and headed to church for the christening. Now what? What does
the sacrament of baptism mean in your child’s life – and yours?

In Taking the Plunge, parents explore how the Baptismal
Covenant helps to shape the experience of raising children. What
are you promising when you baptize your child? Why are “please”
and “thank you” theological words, not simply polite things to
say? Anne Kitch writes with a light touch and includes plenty of
real-life stories.Anne E. Kitch