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Successful Synagogue Fundraising Today: Overcoming the Fear of Asking for Money

by Rabbi David A. Mersky;Abigail Harmon; , Rabbi David A. Mersky, Abigail Harmon

Successful Synagogue Fundraising Today: Overcoming the Fear of Asking for Money
Publication date: 2016-04-01
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9781580238564

You can achieve your dreams of financial stability for your congregation.

"At almost every institution around the country, there is money left unasked for and, as a result, not given. 'Wait,' you might say. ’We have an annual appeal every year! Every family in our congregation is asked for a donation at High Holiday services. If they haven’t given, they just don’t want to give to us.‘ That may be how you perceive the interaction, but do your congregants see it the same way?“
―from Chapter 1

Successful synagogue fundraising is no easy task, but it is possible―for all congregations. Development consultants Rabbi David A. Mersky and Abigail Harmon outline a practical, step-by-step approach to fundraising programs and systems that can help your synagogue achieve growth and sustainability. They show you how to:

  • Create excitement about new models of fundraising
  • Set up a comprehensive development program
  • Find and engage current and prospective donors
  • Choose effective staff, volunteers and consultants
  • Create a culture of asking and giving that everyone feels positive about
  • Bring your community together to support the congregation’s mission and vision

Rabbi David A. Mersky;Abigail Harmon;, Rabbi David A. Mersky, Abigail Harmon

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