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Struggling in Good Faith: LGBTQI Inclusion from 13 American Religious Perspectives

by Mychal Copeland;D'vorah Rose; , Mychal Copeland MTS, D'vorah Rose BCC

Struggling in Good Faith: LGBTQI Inclusion from 13 American Religious Perspectives
Publication date: 2015-10-30
Number of pages: 250
ISBN: 9781594736025

A multifaceted sourcebook telling the powerful story of reconciliation, celebration and struggle for LGBTQI inclusion across the American religious landscape.

"No matter what stage in the process of change, religious belief is unveiled in all its dynamism in this book.... Wrestling with issues and struggling for better understanding of one's fellow human beings is at the center of every religion, no matter how old or new, narrow or expansive, Western or Eastern, that religion is. The struggle itself is a sign of life in these religious endeavors, and with life there is hope."
―from the Foreword by Bishop Gene Robinson

We are at a critical turning point in American religious and political life over LGBTQI inclusion. How each spiritual community approaches the question will profoundly impact the American political and social climate of the future. This accessible resource explores thirteen faith traditions that wrestle with LGBTQI inclusion, documenting the challenges and transformation of American religion.

Faith Traditions Covered: The Black Church • Buddhism • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) • The Episcopal Church • First Nations (Native American) • Hinduism • Judaism • The Lutheran Church • Islam • The Presbyterian Church • Protestant Evangelical Traditions • The Roman Catholic Church • Unitarian Universalism

Mychal Copeland;D'vorah Rose;, Mychal Copeland MTS, D'vorah Rose BCC

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