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Spirited Poetry: Reflections About God, Life and Faith

by Lat Blaylock, editor , Latimer Blaylock

Spirited Poetry: Reflections About God, Life and Faith
Publication date: 2006-10-28
Number of pages: 96
ISBN: 9781851753482
The 'spirited poetry' in this book is poetry that tussles with the big questions of life, kicks at the darkness or celebrates the verve of living. It asks awkward questions, dreams impossible dreams and yells angry thoughts. It sometimes rests easy and sometimes it agitates. The themes set for the competition were:Where is God? Life's like ..., I wonder ..., Faith. Teachers all over Britain got their teeth into the four themes, enabling pupils to write some stunning stuff. Some youngsters wrote from their personal faith perspective, others expressed a non-religious viewpoint. The standard of entries was very high indeed. The competition was open to all ages and schools were allowed to submit up to five of the best poems written by their pupils. The organisers estimate that over three thousand poems were written in schools for the competition.Lat Blaylock, editor, Latimer Blaylock