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Spirited Lives: 20 Stories of Saints and Their Amazing Gifts

by Connie Clark; , Connie Clark

Spirited Lives: 20 Stories of Saints and Their Amazing Gifts
Publication date: 2015-07-24
Number of pages: 64
ISBN: 9781627850933
Imagine getting a gift card with no limits, ever. That s kind of what happens at your baptism and confirmation. Except it s not just one gift. You get seven incredible, supernatural gifts from the Holy Spirit. If you ve ever doubted these gifts, or thought they didn t apply to you, meet the people on these pages: Joan couldn t read or write. Matt suffered from addictions. Josephine was a victim of human trafficking. They received the Holy Spirit s gifts just like the rest of us, and they ran with them. Joan led an army, Matt gave up alcohol for good, and Josephine turned her past into a beautiful future. Read their incredible stories and those of other saints right here. Find out how they turned their gifts into action and changed the world. And who knows, maybe you ll change the world too.Connie Clark

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