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A Song in Bethlehem

by Marni McGee , illus. Jason Cockcroft , illus. Jason Cockcroft

A Song in Bethlehem
Publication date: 2007-09-15
Number of pages: 40
ISBN: 9780375834479
ONE CHILL EVENING IN BETHLEHEM, young Naomi hears of an amazing sight: at the inn's stable, there are three men rich as kings, with rubies round their necks and gold on their fingers. Eager, Naomi rushes to catch a glimpse. But by the time she arrives, the men are gone.Yet Naomi discovers a different treasure: a baby boy, with parents kind and wise. And when she receives the gift of a flute from the baby and his family, her life is transformed forever and her world is full of music. It is a night full of wonders. It is the first Christmas.A Song in Bethlehem is a lyrical and stunning tale of the strength of love and compassion, filled with all the magic of Christmas.Marni McGee, illus. Jason Cockcroft

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