Self-Esteem and the Soul

by John Monbourquette

Self-Esteem and the Soul
Publication date: 2005-11-09
Number of pages: 216
ISBN: 9782895075677
Best-selling author John Monbourquette blends psychological insight with profound spiritual wisdom.

Psychology alone is unable to heal all the sufferings of the human soul. According to Monbourquette, for a person to become fully whole, it is essential to nurture a spirituality founded on self-esteem and openness to oneself.

Monbourquette defines the Self as the divine part that is in all of us. This book unites many of the themes and thoughts that are presented in the author's numerous other works. With clarity and simplicity, Monbourquette demonstrates that there is a solid link between psychology and spiritual growth.

At a time when self-esteem is often confused with selfishness, this book shows us the importance of remaining open towards the other, and the 'Other,' in order to attain personal and spiritual growth.

Priest and counsellor John Monbourquette is one of Canada's most sought-after authors and conference presenters. He has a large international following.

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