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Seeing God in Each Other

by Sheryl Kujawa-holbrook

Seeing God in Each Other
Publication date: 2006-03-01
ISBN: 9780819221865
As neighborhoods, cities, and churches become gathering places for people from an astonishing variety of cultures, traditions, races, and ethnicities, racism us a profoundly spiritual concern and it’s more important than ever for Christians to see the face of God in one another. This book takes a look at just what that means – and how to help make it happen.

Seeing God in Each Other is rooted in an abiding hope that congregations are one of the few places where people can work together for positive human change. This book addresses that need, with a selection of essays by respected Anglicans including Frederick Borsch, Michael Battle, and Steven Charleston.

Also included are practical suggestions on what parishes can do to support the vision of an anti-racist church, as well as a leader guide useful for parish programs.Sheryl Kujawa-holbrook