SCM Reader: Christian Approaches to Other Faiths


SCM Reader: Christian Approaches to Other Faiths
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ISBN: 9780334041153
Christian Approaches to Other Faiths is divided along the same lines as the textbook(9780334041146). In the first section, readings are divided according to the sub-sections, providing at least one reading for each, with those paradigms which have been more influential, receiving most attention. Importantly a number of readings will also be given critical of the approach in question. The second section contains at least two readings per section, both adopting a different way of understanding that faith. This provides a positive and negative attitude to the faith in question, or highlights the work of two influential commentators. While the emphasis is on contemporary works, important historical readings are included. A short introduction to each text means that, like the Core Text, the work can be used as a stand alone text. 155211 Race & Hedges, eds.

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