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Sacred Dwelling

by Wendy Wright;

Sacred Dwelling
Publication date: 2015-08-01
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9781627850537
Your family is a sacred community, tenderly fashioned by a loving, creative hand. And your family home, whether an apartment, farm, dream house, or temporary solution, is a temple a place where you experience and respond to God s passionate love in your family s own, uniquely holy way. In this beautiful book, Wendy Wright invites us into the sacred dwelling of every family and helps us all parents, adult children, and those who minister to families to discover the deep spirituality at the heart of each domestic church. As you move from doorways and areas of welcome into more intimate and personal rooms, you might imagine your own home, and discover how you can cultivate its spaces and enrich your own family experiences. Weaving stories of her own family s poignant joys and hard fought lessons throughout, Wendy shows that within the walls of your home, a great treasure of experiences past, present and future can communicate a wealth of insight for sensing the presence of the indwelling God there. Whether your family is large or small, traditional or blended, broken or whole, you will see how the experience of being together, through the person of Jesus Christ, makes you a true community of believers and how you can become the word of God spoken anew.Wendy Wright;

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