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Round the Church in Fifty Years

by Trevor Beeson

Round the Church in Fifty Years
Publication date: 2007-11-30
Number of pages: 256
ISBN: 9780334041481
One of the most perceptive and entertaining of writers, Trevor Beeson, takes us on a fascinating and amusing journey through the Church of England in the last fifty years. From the publication of ""Honest to God"" and to the ordination of women and rows over sexuality, it has been an extraordinary time, with its moments of exhilaration and absurdity. We travel a decade a time, taking in the Swinging Sixties and the Gay Nineties, enjoying an overview of both momentous change and obscure events in the Church, on the international stage and at a local level. In the Thatcher years, when the Church was the government's most effective opposition, what foolish or trivial things were exciting the minds of local preachers and editors of parish magazines? This wonderful book embraces both. Each section comprises 50 vignettes that capture the spirit of the age in which they were written. Here is an attractive mix of history, theology, biography, quirkiness and sheer fun.Trevor Beeson