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Ripe Fields: The Promise and Challenge of Latino Ministry

by Juan Oliver

Ripe Fields: The Promise and Challenge of Latino Ministry
Publication date: 2009-05-01
Number of pages: 145
ISBN: 9780898696110

Timed to be launched at 2009 General Convention, Juan Oliver definitive look at the history and potential future of Latino ministry in the Episcopal Church comes at an opportune time. With Latino ministries growing around the country in all traditions, and with increasing resource and programmatic offerings being allocated to serve those communities, this highly descriptive handbook profiles the culture, faith, and importance of this emerging minority.

Within the book chapters, Oliver surveys topical areas, such as:

  • Who/What is a Latino?

  • Latino Biblical Interpretation

  • Worship in a Latino congregation

  • The spiritual lives of Latinos

  • Latino authority and governance

  • Latino administration and stewardship

  • The Latino priest: Factotum or Specialist?

  • The Latino deacon

  • The Latino bishop

  • Non-Latinos in Latino ministry


Juan Oliver