Revelations of Divine Love (Paraclete Essential Deluxe)

by OJN; Fr. John-Julian

Revelations of Divine Love (Paraclete Essential Deluxe)
Publication date: 2016-02-01
ISBN: 9781612617701
All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.
The first book ever written in English by a woman—and an essential guide to living a Christian life.

“Whereas in the old days I used to be crazy about St. John of the Cross, I would not exchange him now for Julian if you gave me the world and the Indies and all the Spanish mystics rolled up in one bundle.” —Thomas Merton

Interest has grown for Julian of Norwich and her Revelations of Divine Love, a fascinating classic guide to Christian living and the first English-language book written by a woman, but its original Middle English is challengingly dense for today’s reader. While most modern translations are coolly academic, loose paraphrases, or so literal they miss Julian's deeper meanings, Father John-Julian, OJN, unlocks Julian and her deeply intuitive and inspired insights for the modern reader.
199846 OJN; Fr. John-Julian, Julian of Norwich
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