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Reupholstered Psalms 100-150

by Greg Kennedy , Lorraine Roy

Reupholstered Psalms 100-150
Publication date: 2022-03-01
ISBN: 9782898300431

The Book of Psalms is a rich and enduring collection of prayer-poems that explore all aspects of human experience: love, loss, anger, fear, trust, hope, despair, comfort, and much more. But although they are timeless, they can still benefit from being “reupholstered” every now and then so they better match contemporary realities.

In Volume 3 of Reupholstered Psalms, Greg Kennedy explores Psalms 101 to 150s “hard road up to hallelujah” and their all-too-modern themes: environmental calamity, doubt, misunderstanding, hatred and fake news – but also the irrepressible joy of being alive, created by God. The substance and structure – the bones – of the original works remain, but the outer appearance has been transformed. May the new styles, textures and colours of these psalms lead you into prayer and closer to a Creator God, forever speaking to us with astounding creativity. Hallelujah!

Greg Kennedy, Lorraine Roy