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Resurrection Revelations: A Series of Services for the Easter Season (worship kit on CD)
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In this CD of 6 services for the weeks of the Easter Season, we will be taking a “detective’s look” at the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Over the course of this series, we will take an in-depth look at the details surrounding the resurrection. Each week we will focus on different facts related to the story of Jesus’ resurrection, addressed in sermons that include dramas involving those who were present at the time of the first Easter and faithful believers. Weekly themes are the Martyrs, the Scriptures, the Trial, the Women, the Men and the Empty Tomb.

The CD includes a .pdf of the entire services, text of the orders of service, readings, prayers, dramas, sermons, children’s messages, and hymns in .rtf (rich text format), web banners, a list of contemporary music song suggestions and a PowerPoint document of all six services with text (with a copyright release) for use on screens. Kits are not returnable.