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Renewing the Process of Creation: A Jewish Integration of Science and Spirit

by Bradley Shavit Artson; , Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson DHL

Renewing the Process of Creation: A Jewish Integration of Science and Spirit
Publication date: 2015-10-31
Number of pages: 240
ISBN: 9781580238335

Chaos becoming cosmos―we are participants and recipients in its meaning and marvels.

"Human beings and our ancestors have been meaning seekers and meaning makers even before our most ancient beginnings. And at the start of that search are these questions: Why is there something rather than nothing? Why is the world comprehensible at all? Where did we come from? Do we belong?"
―from the Introduction

In this daring blend of Jewish theology, science and Process Thought, theologian Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson fleshes out an appreciation of creation in the light of science that allows us to articulate a deeper sense of space and time and the wonders of being alive. He explores the ethical and moral implications of humanity's role as steward and partner in creation, as well as how the recognition of land as holy―the Earth in general and Israel in particular―enables a religious discipline of blessing and gratitude that makes it possible for life to blossom.

Exciting and accessible for Jews and non-Jews seeking to reconcile their spirituality and modern science, as well as anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the meaning of creation made possible by Judaism and Process Thought.

Bradley Shavit Artson;, Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson DHL

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