Religion & Spirituality: Bridging the Gap


Religion & Spirituality: Bridging the Gap
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ISBN: 9781585955886
?I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual.? This oft-repeated phrase is heard more and more lately. The purpose of this book?and of the symposium out of which it grew?is to repair the perceived dichotomy between religion and spirituality. According to editor and contributor, Father Stephen Honeygosky, religion too often presumes spirituality, and spirituality just as often dismisses religion. Each camp takes to the high ground of disconnection and mutual exclusion, he says, but they should be meeting on the ?plain? where real conversation and communion foster compatibility and mutual growth. The ten contributors here believe and argue that there is more to ?religion? than structure, rules, and rituals, and there is more to ?spirituality? than individualism and disconnection. They agree that a common meeting ground can and should be found and that thoughtful, in-depth conversation will clarify the essential links between them. Their goal and the goal of this book is to foster compatibility and growth for both. Contributors include Richard Rohr, OFM, Demetrius Dumm, OSB, Camille DeBlasi, MA, Barbara Fiand, SNDdeN, Carl Arico, Anthony Bosco, Roberta Campbell, OSB, Vernon Holtz, OSB, Authur Schwartz, and Stephen Honeygosky.Stephen Honeygosky, ed., Stephen R., O.S.B. Honeygosky

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