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Relationships (Wise Traveller)

by Phil Andrews, ed.

Relationships (Wise Traveller)
Publication date: 2007-08-01
Number of pages: 80
ISBN: 9781844273126
For good or bad, our lives are shaped by our relationships with other people. How can we make the most of our encounters, both with those who inspire us and those we find difficult? Life is not neat or painless, but is instead stuffed full of meaning, mystery, beauty and sacred encounters; all shaped by our relationships with people, places, ideas and stories. "The Wise Traveller" series is for anyone interested in deepening their awareness of 'spirituality' as part of life. "Wise Traveller" takes spiritual classics, including those drawn from the Celtic, Monastic, Contemplative and Eastern Christian wisdom traditions, and places them alongside new and original writing - meditations, stories, poems, rituals - to offer pathways and turning points for those seeking a more authentic way of living.Phil Andrews, ed.