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Quenching Hell: The Mystical Theology of William Law

by Alan Gregory

Quenching Hell: The Mystical Theology of William Law
Publication date: 2008-10-01
ISBN: 9781596270893
This book has a simple purpose: to show what a conversation with William Law (1696-1761), England's "greatest prose mystic," can do for a contemporary faith. 

For the half-hearted Christians most are, Law composed one of the most startling and vigorous 'wake-up' calls in the Christian tradition.  He also wrote, under the influence of his beloved Jacob Boehme, a series of works that spiral around the subject of Christ, born in believers as the formative power of their lives.  His accounts of creation, fall, and redemption are arresting -- if sometimes strange -- in  their expression, and his working of classical topics such as atonement, wrath and judgment, spirit, Prayer, and love suggest just how much we need a "mystical" theology.Alan Gregory