Psychology for Pastoral Contexts: A Handbook

by Jessica Rose; , Jessica Rose

Psychology for Pastoral Contexts: A Handbook
Publication date: 2013-04-26
Number of pages: 256
ISBN: 9780334045526
This clear and accessible book offers a fresh perspective on the application of psychology in a wide range of pastoral activity. It presents a model of pastoral care that is Eucharistic and incarnational – a form of participation in the community.
The book goes on to discuss the nature of the unconscious and three core areas in mental well-being: attachment, sexuality and loss. It then addresses specific issues in mental health such as depression, addiction, psychotic breakdown and eating disorder, all within the context of pastoral relationships. A final section explores the nature of betrayal and the meaning of forgiveness.
This is an informative and practical book, bringing together the insights of contemporary psychology with a theological understanding of pastoral contexts. The many illustrations from personal experiences ground the theory in real-life situations.Jessica Rose;, Jessica Rose

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