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Preparing for Baptism in the Episcopal Church

Preparing for Baptism in the Episcopal Church

Parents who are not active or do not have any knowledge of the Episcopal Church often return to a church to have their child baptized. Many adults who never had a relationship with a faith community often seek baptism when they join a congregation for the first time. As our society becomes more secular, those who enter our churches are neophytes in more ways than in previous generations. This is an accessible resource that clergy can give to families who seek to have an infant or child baptized or to an adult who desires to be baptized, not having been affiliated with a faith tradition previously. Many new parents do not have an understanding of the service of Holy Baptism in the Episcopal Church, what is "required" of them as a parent or how to prepare their child to receive the sacrament, including what it implies for the future formation and involvement of their family in living a Christian life. Contributors include James Turrell (history of baptism) and Tracey Herzer (choosing and preparing godparents). Chapter outline: 1. Introduction: What Christian Baptism is All About 2. A Brief History of Baptism 3. Adults Preparing for Baptism 4. Parents Preparing for the Baptism of Infants and Children 5. Preparing Children for Baptism 6. Choosing and Preparing Godparents 7. The Baptismal Covenant 8. The Episcopal Baptismal Rite in the Book of Common Prayer 9. Remember Your Baptism (Adults and Children) 10. Outline for Baptismal Instruction 11. Q&A: Episcopal Baptismal Practices 23. Resources - Baptismal Request Form for the Parish Church, Information for Godparents, Further Reading Anne E. Kitch;
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