Preaching with Humanity

by Stevenson & Wright , Geoffrey Stevenson, Stephen Wright

Preaching with Humanity
Publication date: 2008-05-14
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9780715141366
Today, many people question the value of preaching. Yet preaching is one of the most awesome callings in the world. Preaching with Humanity considers questions such as:
  • How can 'old-fashioned' preaching survive in a YouTube culture?
  • What is the place of preaching in a 'mission-shaped Church'?
  • How can we preach with humanity - with our fellow human being, not 'to' them, or 'at' them from a height or a distance?
Whether you are new to preaching or building on existing skills, this book will help you in the life-long process of becoming a preacher with humanity.Stevenson & Wright, Geoffrey Stevenson, Stephen Wright