Prayers for the Journey

by James M. Fitzpatrick

Prayers for the Journey
Publication date: 2008-09-30
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9782896460748

An inspiring prayer book for busy people of all ages and experience.

This beautifully illustrated book contains an original prayer for each day of the year. These prayers are offered to help the reader focus, gather up their daily cares and turn to the God who loves them. Arranged thematically, they can be prayed in sequence or chosen according to specific occasions and needs.

James Fitzpatrick wants readers to focus on their relationship to God as they experience it in the messiness of their daily lives. This is why he has written an inspiring and helpful prayer for each day of the year. Organized around the calendar, as well as around themes (for example, Family, Forgiveness, Trust in God), these prayers are very human. Fitzpatrick maintains a conversational style throughout these often humorous, though always reverent, exchanges.

Fr. James M. Fitzpatrick, O.M.I. studied in Rome, Paris and the United States before spending thirteen years in teaching and educational administration in Australia. He has been engaged in retreats and parish missions worldwide, and is currently based in Melbourne.

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