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Prayer and Personal Religion

by John B. Coburn

Prayer and Personal Religion
Publication date: 2009-03-01
Number of pages: 100
ISBN: 9780819223586

The purpose of this volume says John Coburn is to help you pray and grow in your personal religious life. It is a book about your inner life and your relationship with God. Although this relationship is unique for each person, there is a general way in which God deals with us and through which we respond. This book is concerned with this general pattern.

Chapters include:

  • Prayer is Response to God

  • Be Yourself and Begin with Where You Are

  • Clearing the Ground: When, Where, and How to Pray

  • The Foundation Stones of Prayer: Adoration, Thanksgiving, Confession, Intercession, Petition

  • The House that Prayer Builds: Prayers that You Think, that You Feel, that You Will

  • Progress in Prayer: Practicing the Presence of God; Reading, Prayer Groups, Retreats; a Rule of Life; On Beginning Again

  • Mature Personal Religion: Action and Worship

  • On Suffering and Joy

John B. Coburn