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Pocket Prayers for Pilgrims (Pocket Prayers Series)

by John Pritchard

Pocket Prayers for Pilgrims (Pocket Prayers Series)
Publication date: 2011-06-30
Number of pages: 80
ISBN: 9780715142387
Seeing life as a journey is a central image in Christianity. We do not need to go on a physical journey to discover the sacred presence this collection of ancient and new prayers on the theme of pilgrimage enables us to discover that all the places of our lives can become holy ground, with the potential of divine encounter and transformation. Seeing life as a journey towards God means that we will meet the joys and challenges of the pilgrim road that are well-charted in the Christian tradition the uncertainty of setting out (perhaps with no clear destination in mind), new experiences, companionship, exhaustion, disillusion, renewal of vision, arrival, discovery, returning home as changed people. This volume is being prepared as part of the Diocese of Oxford s major mission initiative Pilgrim in which churches throughout the diocese will participate in a wide variety of events and programmes that encourage people to explore the theme of pilgrimage in their own lives.John Pritchard

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