Plainsong Psalter


Plainsong Psalter
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ISBN: 9780898691627

The one hundred fifty psalms of David set to plainsong psalm tones with antiphons as selected and compiled by Howard E. Galley, Jr. and published in The Psalter section of his The Prayer Book Office (The Seabury Press, New York, 1980, Out of print).  Where no antiphons exist in that resource, editor James Litton has followed the work of Dr. Richard Crocker and Ronald Haizlip in the Gradual Psalms (Church Publishing, 1981) both in choice of psalm tone and method of pointing or other current resources.

This psalter is intended for use in the Daily Office.

Contains a preface, an introduction and performance notes. The Appendix also contains examples of the psalm tones and their various endings. (320 pp)

156807 N/A, James Litton

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