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Personhood of God: Biblical Theology, Human Faith and the Divine Image

by Yochanan Muffs , Dr. Yochanan Muffs

Personhood of God: Biblical Theology, Human Faith and the Divine Image
Publication date: 2009-03-01
Number of pages: 240
ISBN: 9781580233385

A fascinating exploration of the many faces of God and what they reveal about our own humanity.

He was a whole pantheon in Himself.... He constantly appeared in many and ever-changing roles lest He be frozen and converted into the dumb idols He Himself despised. God was a polyvalent personality who, by mirroring to man His many faces, provided the models that man so needed to survive and flourish. This is the true humanity of God.
―from the Introduction

In scholarly but accessible terms, with many startling and controversial insights, renowned Bible scholar Dr. Yochanan Muffs examines the anthropomorphic evolution of the Divine Image―from creator of the cosmos to God the father, God the husband, God the king, God the "chess-player," God the ultimate master―and how these different images of God have shaped our faith and world view. Muffs also examines how expressions of divine power, divine will and divine love throughout the Bible have helped develop the contemporary human condition and our enriching dialectic between faith and doubt.

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