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Our Father Is

by Maria Luisa Eguez; , Maria Luisa Eguez

Our Father Is
Publication date: 2015-09-01
Number of pages: 28
ISBN: 9780809167760
In this charming, whimsically illustrated book, Maria Luisa Eguez takes a modern spin on who Our Father really is. Dressed as a modern human father in jeans and work clothes, even a chefs toque, he is a painter who has invented all the colors of the rainbow, a musician who writes symphonies made of water and wind, a wonderful cook who created all the tastes of fruits and vegetables; he makes pink dawns and orange sunsets, and sprinkles the stars in the sky. Our Father is patient and takes care of every little thing. Our Father is King of kings, Lord of lords, but when we call him, he responds immediately, here I am. Children will smile in wonder and awe as they see the amazing work of God all around them and the love and care that he feels for them. Ages 3 and up.Maria Luisa Eguez;, Maria Luisa Eguez

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