Open Mind, Faithful Heart

by Pope Francis I;Philip F. Lawler;

Open Mind, Faithful Heart
Publication date: 2013-11-01
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9780824519971

Pope Francis connects with people, especially the young, the forgotten, and the forlorn. What is the source of his spiritual vitality? Find out here, in a book that offers a path for prayer and a guide for life.

When Jorge Mario Bergoglio prepared to submit his letter of retirement to Pope Benedict XVI, he began to sort through his papers and the spiritual talks he had given over the years. He entrusted the task of helping him to gather and edit to a few close friends and colleagues. Open Mind, Faithful Heart is the exclusive English translation of those texts which Cardinal Bergoglio considered his most central ones. Since his election as pope, there have been many books about Pope Francis, and collected from his homilies. Open Mind, Faithful Heart comes closest to a book written by him.

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