On the Road Again: Managing Evangelism and Stewardship for the Kingdom


On the Road Again: Managing Evangelism and Stewardship for the Kingdom
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On the Road Again is essential reading for any church that wants to move from "maintenance" to "mission." If your church dreams of a larger membership, staff, or facility, the Rev. Canon Keith B. Brown's fresh, groundbreaking insights--drawn from his experience as an international businessman and diocesan executive--will show you how to take the best of current business practices and translate them into nothing less than Spirit-driven agents of the Great Commission. Brown argues that the church never should shy away from numbers but--as is amply demonstrated in the Acts of the Apostles--should embrace the kinds of accounting implicit in the terms evangelism and stewardship.

Writing in a style that laity and clergy will find equally accessible, Canon Brown introduces several future-oriented business tools: growth budgeting, forecasting, and breakeven analysis. Easy-to-follow exercises, complete with worksheets, ensure that the reader masters each new step in the process. Readers who feel chronically insecure when grappling with "business" matters will be constantly reassured by Canon Brown's determination, passion, and humor, and also by the amusing illustrations of nationally syndicated cartoonist, Stephen Bentley.

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