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On Holiday with God: Making Your Own Retreat - A Companion and Guide

by Sue Pickering

On Holiday with God: Making Your Own Retreat - A Companion and Guide
Publication date: 2012-07-31
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9781848252134
This is a ‘travel companion’ for those who want to make a personal retreat in the Christian tradition, either at home or away, alone or with others.

Part 1 encourages us to listen to the Spirit, to pay attention to inner restlessness and to notice our need to ‘get away’. It outlines the different types of retreats that may best suit different individual personalities and circumstances and offers essential ‘tips for the trip’:

• introducing contemplation
• praying with Scripture
• noticing God in the everyday
• resisting ‘busyness’
• recording the journey - i.e. prayer journal

Part 2 provides a varied and imaginative range of guided spiritual exercises for your time on retreat and offers support for the unexpected things that may emerge.

Part 3 helps you readjust to ‘normal life’ after the retreat and to explore the question ‘where next?’Sue Pickering

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