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O Taste and See: A Biblical Reflection on Experiencing God

by Bonnie Thurston; , Bonnie Thurston

O Taste and See: A Biblical Reflection on Experiencing God
Publication date: 2013-12-01
Number of pages: 148
ISBN: 9781612614076
If you have always been troubled by the image of God as a punitive judge, this book will show you why this view is so mistaken. Psalm 34:8's "O taste and see how good the Lord is" contains in miniature the whole process of coming to and growing in faith. It gives us insight into God and into how we experience God. We come to know this good and gracious God by means of the body: seeing (a metaphor for understanding) and tasting (shorthand for what the body knows). In fact, it is precisely engrafted hunger that turns us God-ward - only to find God waiting on the road for our return and ready to host a feast for us. "If you think you might be hungry for God, but haven't experienced God directly, or if you are a believer who still feels malnourished, I hope this little book might be for you a kind of manna. Taste. See." -from the IntroductionBonnie Thurston

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