My First Holy Communion

by Sophie Piper;

My First Holy Communion
Publication date: 2010-03-01
Number of pages: 64
ISBN: 9781557256966

This beautiful gift book for First Holy Communion has the color illustration and textual simplicity to appeal to children around the age of 7, and the charm and respectfulness to appeal to the adult buying the book.

Designed with a fill-in page to commemorate the child’s First Holy Communion, and space for a photo to be stuck in, My First Holy Communion contains prayers on the themes of praising God, remembering baptism, coming to confession, taking part in Holy Communion, and living a Christian life. This keepsake concludes with a section of appealing and reassuring blessings and will be welcomed not only as a memento of a special day, but as an encouragement to grow as a Christian throughout one’s life.

Sophie Piper is an experienced author/compiler of gift and prayer books. Her books My Book of Prayers to Keep For Ever, Thank You Prayers, and Bedtime Blessings are contemporary classics of the genre.

Printed version available

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